As featured in #WorkforceWednesdayThis week, we focus on compliance and transparency when using artificial intelligence (AI) tools in employment decision-making.

The Future of AI Technology Regulations for Employers

Regulations and enforcement are tightening for the use of AI technology in employment decisions, on both the state and federal level. What can employers do to ensure compliance?

Attorneys Nathaniel Glasser and Sahar Shiralian tell us more.

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Legal Risks and Remedies for AI’s “Black Box” Problem

When using AI and machine-learning algorithms for workforce decision-making, employers need to understand the basis for automated decisions or recommendations. Join our virtual briefing on June 9 to learn more about strategies for achieving transparency and explainability in AI, assuring regulatory compliance, and avoiding legal liability. Register today.

OSHA’s Permanent COVID-19 Health Care Standard

What challenges are health care providers likely to face as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration prepares its permanent COVID-19 standard for health care workers? Hear more in our recent Diagnosing Health Care podcast episode. Listen now.

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