As featured in #WorkforceWednesday:  This week, we look at how state and local COVID-19 requirements and new COVID-19 benefits are shifting employers’ policies once again.

Employers Respond to SCOTUS OSHA Decision

Employers and government agencies are reacting to the Supreme Court’s January 13th rejection of OSHA’s vaccine-or-test mandate for large employers. Read more.

Next Steps for Employers

The Supreme Court decision means that employers are no longer facing the deadlines laid out in OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard, but they still must remain compliant with state and local laws and requirements. Rules relating to employer vaccine, testing, and masking mandates vary widely across the country, making compliance for multistate or national employers extremely challenging.

New COVID-19 Benefits and Employer Policies

While the nationwide regulations have been stymied in court, the federal government is pushing ahead with new national COVID-19 benefits that could affect the way employers prepare for the next stage of the pandemic.

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