by Michael D. Thompson

A posting and distribution requirement added to New Jersey’s prohibition on discrimination in pay went into effect on November 19, 2012.  Employers will not, however, be obligated to comply with the requirement until the New Jersey Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development issues the required notification form.

The notification form will explain the prohibition against gender discrimination in pay, compensation, benefits or other terms and conditions of employment (as set forth in N.J.S.A. § 34:11-56.2). 

Once the form is prepared, every New Jersey employer with 50 or more employees must post it in a conspicuous place accessible to all employees in the workplace. 

Employers will also be required to provide every employee with a written copy of the notification. The initial distribution must be made not later than 30 days after the notice form is issued by the Commissioner.  In addition, the noticed must be given to every new employee at the time of hiring, and must be distributed annually on or before December 31 of each year.