As featured in #WorkforceWednesday:  This week, we focus on new developments increasing whistleblower protections across the country and prohibiting mandatory arbitration of sexual assault and harassment claims.

Increased Whistleblowing Regulations in New York and Beyond

Whistleblower protections are increasing across the country. The California Supreme Court recently relaxed its standard for proving whistleblower retaliation, and effective in January, New York dramatically expanded whistleblower protections in Section 740 of the New York Labor Law. Attorneys Greg Keating and Daniel Green tell us about what the current climate means for employers.

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#MeToo Goes to the White House: Federal Legislation Awaits President Biden’s Signature

A bill that will prohibit mandatory arbitration of sexual assault and sexual harassment claims is on its way from the House and Senate to President Biden for his signature. It appears likely he will sign the bill, given that a statement issued by the president’s office earlier this month states that the “Administration supports” passage of the bill. Read more.

Mitigating the Financial Loss of Cyberattacks

With cybercrime rising, shoring up security practices and shopping around for a dedicated cyber insurance policy can help mitigate risk and cover money lost in the event of a data breach. Read more.

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