As featured in #WorkforceWednesdayThis week, we focus on the uptick in requests for remote work as a reasonable accommodation during COVID-19 and what employers should consider when addressing them.

Remote Work and Reasonable Accommodations

A recent Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) disability discrimination lawsuit shows the agency is closely watching and is interested in litigating cases where an employer fails to provide employees with reasonable accommodations in connection with requests for remote work during the pandemic. As these requests continue to increase due to COVID-19, attorney Shira Blank tells us more about the EEOC lawsuit and what it could mean for employers in the future.

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Important Vaccination Mandate Dates for Covered Federal Contractors

Employers should be aware of several dates and deadlines related to compliance with President Biden’s executive order requiring federal contractors and subcontractors to implement mandatory vaccination policies for their workforces. Read more.

Senior Industry Leaders Need to Learn About AI

Incorrectly adopting artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms for important employment functions can lead to liability, such as when algorithms facilitate the selection of qualified individuals for hire or promotion. Far too often today, AI exposes businesses to liability because decision makers don’t understand how their AI and underlying algorithms really work. Senior leaders and in-house counsel should consider educational programs to help them better make decisions about AI. Read more.

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