We’d like to recommend an upcoming complimentary webinar, “Data Privacy and Security in the Hospitality Industry Webinar: Legal Strategies Amid Growing Liability Threats"  (Oct. 10, 2:00 p.m. EDT), by our Epstein Becker Green colleagues Kara M. Maciel, Robert J. Hudock, Alaap B. Shah,and Adam C. Solander.

Below is a description of the event:

Privacy and security concerns are natural for businesses in the hospitality industry given the growing use of interconnected electronic data systems to manage transactions and customer accounts. Any information system containing credit card information is a natural target for data theft.

Hospitality businesses must also be concerned about misuse of their data for identity theft purposes and about possible exposure to federal HIPAA ramifications if they possess Protected Health Information ("PHI") within an employee benefits database or elsewhere.

During this informative webinar, we will discuss: 

  • Employee training including policy and procedures;
  • High-strength security protocols in response to identified risks; and
  • Reponses to security breaches in order to mitigate the impact of, and reduce or prevent, identity theft.
  • Privacy and security risk assessments;

To learn more about it, visit Epstein Becker Green or click here for complimentary registration.