By Michelle Capezza

The New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC) is a not-for-profit, trade association which focuses on connecting decision-makers and thought-leaders from technology and technology support companies through access to financing opportunities, networking, and business support. Through its programs, the NJTC provides timely business information to help its members grow and succeed and provides forums for member companies to work together to advance New Jersey’s, and the region’s, status as a leading technology center.

At NJTC’s Annual Meeting held in July at The Palace in Somerset, NJ, the NJTC furthered its mission by hosting a series of discussions on topics of import to today’s technology companies. The meeting was abuzz with various conversations and idea exchanges on such issues as early stage/angel investments, energy efficiency, representation and warranties insurance for transactions, IT support issues, co-working spaces and The Affordable Care Act.  The goal of each discussion was to identify top priorities and brainstorm regarding solutions to achieve these goals.  My partner Gretchen Harders and I had the privilege of leading the discussion at the annual meeting on The Affordable Care Act and explored several top priorities with NJTC members as a result of the Act including: (i) importance of self-audits of health plan compliance efforts to date and establishment of a compliance plan going forward, (ii) attention to plan documentation, recordkeeping, reporting and disclosure requirements, and (iii) attention to fiduciary responsibilities with respect to company health programs.  As technology companies continue to grapple with the requirements of the Act, as well as the business opportunities that present itself in the health care industry, we at Epstein Becker Green are well positioned to assist.  As an NJTC Ambassador, I am also inspired by the strides being made in the region’s technology community.

Highlights of the various discussions are found on pages 14 and 15 of the August 2013 issue of TechNews.