This blog is dedicated to a discussion of many of the different areas of employment law confronted by employers in today’s workplace – and the changes regularly occurring there.

Perhaps more than ever before, change happens rapidly in the workplace.  In part, change has occurred because of changes in technology.  Not long ago, the notion of drafting a social media policy to govern employees’ postings on the Internet was unimaginable.  Now, employers grapple with such policies and their consequences.

Change also comes to the workplace because of changes in administrations.  During the last two years, the administration in Washington has moved aggressively in a number of areas affecting employers.  The EEOC promises more vigorous enforcement.  The NLRB makes law that affects non-unionized workforces.  Congress and the courts consider issues that impact the relationship between employers and employees.

Today’s global companies also bring about other changes for employers.  With an increasingly globally mobile workforce, companies must consider not only U.S. and state law, but the laws of other countries where they are doing business and hiring and firing.  Change here means greater complexity.

The economy also brings about change.  Downsizing, contingent workers, and similar issues arise because of an economy that continues to challenge.

Given the rapid nature of these changes, it is only natural that we discuss these issues in the blogosphere.  We can post developments and guidance quickly – hopefully adding thoughtful and beneficial insight for employers.